Effective application of science and technology and value chain linkage in household pig production

Saturday - 30/07/2022 11:09
The project "Application of science and technology to build a sustainable livestock model for youth union members and farmers in Tra Phu commune, Tra Bong district" by the Faculty of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine (HUAF) in collaboration with Tra Phu Commune People's Committee, The Department of Science and Technology of Quang Ngai province implemented from 2019 to now has brought positive results.
Effective application of science and technology and value chain linkage in household pig production
The goal of the project is to synchronously apply science and technology to build a model for livestock development, especially the development of commodity pig production in order to change inefficient husbandry methods in the locality; create jobs; increase incomes for youth union members, and farmers; contribute to the construction of the new rural program in Tra Phu commune, Tra Bong district, Quang Ngai province.
The project has built 05 pig breeding models with 15 breeding sows and 05 composite biogas tunnels. Besides, to ensure the sustainability of the models, the project also conducts training courses on Techniques for building and using barns and livestock equipment; Techniques of raising sows and pigs; Techniques for processing and using available feed sources and safe management of diseases in pigs. The transfer of technical advances and instructions have been always updated and adjusted during the implementation process to suit local realities, as well as easy for people to access and apply. In the context that the epidemic is always at risk of outbreaks, causing great impacts on the economy, it is very necessary for farmers to be able to be proactive in technology and science.

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Training on technology transfer for farmers 
The project has established Tra Phu Livestock Cooperative, with key members being households that have implemented the model and received technical training. The purpose is to strengthen linkages among households, promote collective strength, support each other in the production and consumption of products, and most importantly, widely transfer scientific and technical advances.
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A product of Tra Phu Livestock Cooperative
The initial results of the project in general and the pig farming model in particular in Tra Phu commune have contributed to improving productivity and economic efficiency in livestock raising, increasing income for farmers, and poverty reduction. The results of the project also created a driving force to promote the livestock industry to develop in the direction of producing safe goods, in line with the development trend and contributed to the transformation of production structure, increasing the proportion of the value of the livestock industry in accordance with the economic development policy of Quang Ngai province.

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