Successful cooperation in avocado oil production

Tuesday - 14/06/2022 07:54
Production of avocado oil is one of three products of the research project "Technical measures for post-harvest preservation and processing of avocado powder and avocado oil in Quang Tri" by Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Van Toan and a research team from the Faculty of Mechanics and Technology, University of Agriculture and Forestry, Hue University (HUAF) and Quang Tri Department of Science and Technology coordinated to implement.
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Avocado oil products are extracted from combined enzyme extraction technology. According to this technology, only 18 - 20 kg of avocados will extract 1 liter of essential oil, while according to traditional methods, 45 - 50 kg are needed. With this technology, avocado oil products have a shelf life of 2 years.
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High-pressure filtration of avocado before centrifugation
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Final avocado oil product before extraction
Currently, this technology has been transferred to Truong Son Pharmaceutical Cooperative (in Cam Thanh Industrial Cluster, Cam Lo district) and initially commercialized. Avocado oil is a very effective cosmetic product and currently, each liter of avocado oil is being sold on the market with prices ranging from 20 million VND.
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 Packing avocado oil products at the Mushroom Research and Development Station of the Quang Tri Department of Science and Technology

Along with research on post-harvest preservation techniques, the successful extraction of avocado oil is a positive signal to improve economic value. Avocados are not only used as food, but also can be extracted into pure avocado oil products. At the same time enriching the medicinal products of Cam Lo district in particular and Quang Tri province in general.
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