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1. Full name: LA THI THU HANG CV La Thi Thu Hang
2. Date of birth: 03/10/1980 3. Sex: Female
4. Academic title:  
Degree: Doctor of agriculture Year of graduation: 2016
5. Working position: Department of Breeding and Plant  Genetics, Faculty of Agronomy  
6. Home address: No. 100 Trieu Quang Phuc st. Hue city, Vietnam
7. Mobile phone: (84).979626691 Email:
8. Fax:
9. Office:
Name of leader of office: Assoc. Dr. Tran Dang Hoa
Address of working place: 102 Phung Hung st. Hue city, Vietnam
Phone: (84).54. 3525544
Academic Training Places of training Specialization Graduated year
Doctor in Agriculture science Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry Crop Science 2016
Masters of Science Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry Crop Science 2010
Engineer Hanoi University of Agriculture, Vietnam Crop Science 2002
No Time of beginning Time of ending Working places In charge of
1 2002 present Hue university of Agriculture and Forestry Researcher
12. Publications
List of publications for 10 years
1 La Thị Thu Hang, Le Thi Khanh, Tran Thi Thu Ha, Nguyen Tien Long, Tran Van Minh.2015. Study on some technical nterventions on the growth ofgloxinia in-vitro (sinningia speciosa) in nursery production in Thua Thien Hue province. Agriculture Publishing house
2 La Thi Thu Hang, Tran Van Minh, Nguyen Minh Hieu, Tran Thi Thu Ha, Le Thi Khanh. 2013. In Vitro Propagation of Gloxinia (Sinningia speciosa). Agriculture Publishing house
3 La Thi Thu Hang, Tran Minh Quang, Tran Thi Trieu Ha, Nguyen Tien Long,  Tran Van Minh, Nguyen Minh Hieu, Tran Thi Thu Ha, Le Thi Khanh. 2013. effects of substrates and in-vitro plant fresh weight on the growth of gloxinia (sinningia speciosa) in nursery production. Agriculture Publishing house
4 La Thi Thu Hang, Nguyen Tien Long, Tran Thi Trieu Ha, Tran Van Minh. 2012. Examination of the growth and diseases of the red gloxinia on different substrates during the winter-spring  2009 - 2010 in thua thien hue province. Journals of Science -  Hue University
5 Nguyen Tien Long, Michael Böhme. 2011. Building Geoprocessing Models for Land Suitability Assessment for “Thanh Tra” Pomelo in Nam Dong District, Thua Thien Hue Province, Vietnam. Conference on International Research on Food Security, Natural Resource Management and Rural Development (ISBN: 978-3-9801686-7-0. Tropentag, Bonn, Germany.
13. Quantity of certificates (If possible)
14. Application of scientific research works in reality (If possible)
15. List of project titles hosted for 5 years (If possible)
Dates (from – to) Client Description of the contract/mission Tasks and responsibilities
1/2013-12/2015 Hue university (DHH 2013- 02 – 28) In-vitro propagation and nursery cultivation of Gloxinia (Sinningia speciosa) in Thua Thien Hue Province. Leader
16. Rewards (If possible)
17. Other achievements (If possible)

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