National seminar on Climate change

Monday - 11/06/2018 16:17
General objectives
National seminar on Climate change
The National Seminars represent, together with the Regional Round Tables (to foster discussion on the research needs in Climate Change at National and Regional level) and the Final Dissemination Conference (to present the “Manifesto on Future Steps against Climate Change and on multidisciplinary research in Higher Education”), one of the three kinds of events aimed at promoting the project region-wide and fostering dialogue at institutional and external level.
The National Seminars, in the framework of the REACT dissemination plan, are considered as events having internal relevance, since organised by the partners in the framework of the project activities with participation enlarged as much as possible to every constituency of the Partner Countries’ Universities.
Please consult the REACT project’s detailed Guidelines for the organisation of the National Seminars (content on objectives, topics, participants, dissemination, reporting etc.) available in the project Dropbox before preparing this form.
Please complete and send to WP leader UNIGE for feedback.
1. Topic of National Seminar
- Climate Change
- Climate Change in research
2. Areas to be covered by the National Seminar.
  1. Climate change : theory and practices
  2. Disciplinary research in climate change
3. Title of the Seminar (short and comprehensible)
“Climate change: current status and future plan in relation to research”
4. Target participants
  • Teaching / research / management staff
  • Graduate students
  • Managers / policy makers from non-partner HEIs
  • National/Regional authorities
  • Private sector
4. Dissemination actions (before and after)
  • Information of seminar is sent to all units and individuals at the University, as well as on the website of Universities (HUAF & HCM-USSH) and REACT.
  • Send notices and invitations to individuals and organizations working in the field of climate change and research.
  • Minutes of seminar will to be compiled and written in newspapers. Reports are uploaded on website and hard copies are printed and shared with interested parties.
5. Participants to be invited (to be included in your mailing list)
·Teaching / research / managerial staff from host institution= 22
  1. Faculty of forestry
  2. Faculty of Agronomy
  3. Faculty of Fishery
  4. Faculty of Land management
  5. Faculty of Agricultural extension
  6. Faculty of Animal science
  7. Faculty of Engineering and technology
  8. Center for Agriculture Forestry Research and Development
  9. Center for Climate change research
  10. Center for Rural development
  11. Department of training
  • 2 staffs per each
 · Master’s Students = 20
  1. Faculty of forestry
  2. Faculty of Agronomy
  3. Faculty of Fishery
  4. Faculty of Land management
  5. Faculty of Agricultural extension
  • 4 students each
·Managers / decision‐policy makers coming from HEIs external to REACT = 05
  1. University of Quang Nam
  2. University of Quang Ngai
  3. University of Quang Tri
  4. University of Quang Binh
  5. University of Tay Nguyen
  • 1 staff each
  • Representatives of National authorities / private sector = all‐in‐all 08, in accordance with the specific national framework.
  1. Company of timber processing
  2. Company of organic vegetable production
  3. Company of livestock husbandry
  4. Department of Agriculture and rural development – Quang Tri province
  5. Department of Environment and resources – Quang Binh province
  6. Department of Environment and resources – Dong Nai province
  7. Department of Agriculture and rural development – Phu Yen province
  8. Department of Agriculture and rural development – Binh Dinh province
  • 1 staff each
6. Date and location of National Seminar
23rd June, 2018, HUAF
7. Other comments

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