Our educational philosophy and objectives


Comprehensive development - Labor market linkage - International integration
To build University of Agriculture and Forestry, Hue University to become a national key Agro-Forestry University, a high-quality training and science-technology center in the fields of agriculture and rural development; To ensure that graduates have good political and moral qualities, have sufficient knowledge, professional practice skills, research, and development capacity for science and technology applications, and proactively adapt to the dynamic international integration working environment.
Objective 1: Build a complete organizational system following the world's advanced university model and an appropriate management mechanism on the basis of autonomy, ensuring the efficient use of resources to constantly develop capacity for training, scientific and technological research, and social service;
Objective 2: Train human resources with good morals, health, professional knowledge, and skills as well as research capacity, creative thinking, high adaptability, and lifelong learning capacity to meet changing needs of society and international integration;

Objective 3: Research and develop science and technology at regional and international level; Cary out extensive international integration in order to solve theoretical and practical problems, contributing to improving the quality of training and scientific and technological activities towards modernity and strengthening HUAF’s infrastructure;

Objective 4: Maintain higher education quality standards and continuously improve the quality of training, science and technology, and services to improve HUAF's position and competitiveness in higher education nationally and internationally;

Objective 5: Build a synchronous and modern infrastructure system to meet the needs of training, scientific and technological research, social service, and management according to the smart university model; Ensure funding for regular activities, investment, and development and gradually increase incomes for officials and employees; Manage finances in accordance with the law, transparency, fairness, and efficiency.

HUAF tries its best to become as the prestigious university. Additionally, HUAF always makes great efforts in training to provide localities and enterprises with qualified human resources. It is highly appreciated as a good center in science and technology to contribute the development of socio- economics to the whole country in integration tendency.

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