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CV_Tran Quang Vui
CV_Tran Quang Vui

1. Full name: Tran Quang Vui
2. Date of birth: 24.04.1967 3. Sex: Male
4. Academic title:  
Degree: Ph.D Year of graduation: 2013
5. Working position: Senior Lecturer/Vice Dean  
6. Home address: KTT8 Trieu Quang Phuc, Hue city
7. Mobile phone: 0914426333 Email: [email protected]
8. Fax:
9. Office: Hue Univ. of Agriculture and Forestry
Name of leader of office:
Address of working place: 102 Phung Hung, Hue City
Phone: 0543525439
Academic Training Places of training Specialization Graduated year
University Agricultural University,
Ulanbator, Mongolia
Veterinary medicine 1993
Master Free University-Berlin, Germany Tropical Veterinary Epidemiology 2001
PhD Hanoi University of Agriculture Veterinary microbioloy 2013
No Time of beginning Time of ending Working places In charge of
1 1994 2009 Hue Universty of Agriculture & Forestry Lecturer
2 2010 2014 Hue Universty of Agriculture & Forestry Lecturer, Head of Department
3 2015 Now Hue Universty of Agriculture & Forestry Lecturer, Vice Dean
12. Publications
List of publications for 10 years
No Titles Name of journals/articles Type of magazines Languages Year of publication Pages
1 Properties of the NS coding segment of the influenza virus, strain                 A/Ck/Vietnam/HG4/2005 and comparative analysis with several isolates during 1996-                2009 in Vietnam and the world. Veterinary Sciences and Techniques, ISSN 0868-                2933, Vol.17, No.3   Vietnamese 2010 5-13
2 The PB1 and PB1-F2 genes of the influenza virus A/H5N1          strain (A/Ck/Vietnam/HG4/2005) and its comparative analysis with those isolated during 2004-2007 in the Mekong delta region. Journal of Biotechnology, ISSN 1811-     4989, Vol.7, No.2
  Vietnamese 2009 177-184
3 The analysis of H5 nucleotide sequence of avian influenza virus A/H5N1 isolated from duck Thua Thien-Hue, Vietnam. Journal of Science, Hue University, ISSN 1859-1388, Vol. 12, No. 46   Vietnamese 2008 137-144
4 Genetic analysis of               HA(H5) of virus A/H5N1 isolated from chicken in Hau Giang and comparatively        analyzed with the strains isolated in Vietnam and Southeast Asian Region (2005-                2008) Science and Development, ISSN 1859-0004, Vol.6, No.6
  Vietnamese 2008 562-569
13. Quantity of certificates(If possible)
14. Application of scientific research works in reality (If possible)
15. List of project titles hosted for 5 years (If possible)
16. Rewards (If possible)
17. Other achievements (If possible)

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