Master degree course

Thursday - 24/03/2016 03:51
Master degree training began from the academic year of 1994 -1995.
Master degree course
Master degree course
The academic year of 2015-2016 has 10 majors for master degree course that are undertaken by the University such as:

1 Crop Science Crop Science  (Master of Science)
2 Crop Science (Master of Applied Science)
3 Land Management Land Management  (Master of Science)
4 Land Management  (Master of Applied Science)
5 Silviculture Silviculture  (Master of Science)
6 Silviculture  (Master of Applied Science)
7 Rural Development Rural Development (Master of Science)
8 Rural Development (Master of Applied Science)
9 Aquaculture Aquaculture  (Master of Science)
10 Aquaculture (Master of Applied Science)
11 Plant Protection Plant Protection  (Master of Science)
12 Plant Protection  (Master of Applied Science)
13 Animal Science Animal Science   (Master of Science)
14 Animal Science (Master of Applied Science)
15 Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Medicine  (Master of Science)
16 Veterinary Medicine  (Master of Applied Science)
17 Engineering Engineering  (Master of Science)
18 Engineering  (Master of Applied Science)
19 Food Technology Food Technology (Master of Science)
20 Food Technology (Master of Applied Science)
Annual number of enrollment is about 300 master students. Learning is regularly for 2 years.


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Anh Thay An
                                                             Assc.Prof.Dr Le Van An- Rector of HUAF

We are always proud to offer our students best education, facilities and more than that we create the opportunities to lead our students themselves to success. HUAF is expanding and developing more and more in fields, such as: Agriculture, Forestry, Aquaculture, etc. We always attempt to complete our mission to contribute intellectual human resources to our country.

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