Facts and Figures

Full-time students will enroll in 2018:
  • 1822 (for undergraduate training)
  • 22 specializations
At present, Hue University of Agriculture has about 9.000 full-time students
  1. Graduate:
  1.  Master Degree: Total number of master students currently are from
  • 550-600
  • 10 branches
Annual enrollment is predicted: 300 master students.
  1. Doctoral Degree: Total number of doctoral students currently are:
  • 32
  • 5 branches
Annual enrollment is predicted: from 8 to 10 doctoral students.
  1. The number of staffs
Until now, the total number of staffs of HUAF has been 424 staffs, including: Professor: 02; and Associate. Prof. Dr : 33, PhD are 53, Master degree are 183, Specialized lecturers are 25. Currently, 40 PhD students and 33 master students are studying abroad and in the country.
Anh Thay An
                                                             Assc.Prof.Dr Le Van An- Rector of HUAF

We are always proud to offer our students best education, facilities and more than that we create the opportunities to lead our students themselves to success. HUAF is expanding and developing more and more in fields, such as: Agriculture, Forestry, Aquaculture, etc. We always attempt to complete our mission to contribute intellectual human resources to our country.

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