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1. Full name:  Pham Viet Hung
2. Date of birth:  5th April 1977 3. Sex: male
4. Academic title:  Lecturer  
Degree:  Doctor Year of graduation: 2014
5. Working position:    Vice-Dean of Faculty  
6. Home address:       No.8 Trieu Quang Phuc str., Hue city
7. Mobile phone:         0946126068 Email:                          [email protected]
8. Fax:
9. Office:
Name of leader of office: Assc.Prof. Le Van An
Address of working place: No.102 Phung Hung str., Hue city, Vietnam
Academic Training Places of training Specialization Graduated year
Undergraduate Hanoi, Vietnam Civil engineering 2000
Master Degree Tainan, Taiwan Mechatronics 2007
Doctor Degree Saitama, Japan Infrastructural engineering 2014
No Time of beginning Time of ending Working places In charge of
1 2000 2005 Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry Lecturer
2 2005 2007 Southern Taiwan University of Technology Master student
3 2007 2010 Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry Lecturer
4 2010 2014 Saitama University Doctoral student
5 2014 present Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry Lecturer
12. Publications
List of publications for 10 years
No Name of journals/articles/magazines Type of journals/articles/magazines Languages Year of publication Pages
1 Large amplitude vibrations of long-span transmission lines with bundled conductors in gusty wind Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics English 2014 Vol. 126, page: 48–59.
2 Extensive analyses on large amplitude gusty-windinduced vibrations of overhead transmission line systems Research Report of Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Saitama Univ English 2014 Vol.40
3 Identification of large amplitude gust responses of bundle-conductors with proper model Proceedings of 13th East Asia-Pacific Conference on Structural Engineering and Construction, Hokkaido English 2013  
4 Interpretation of field- measured vibrations in transmission lines by gust response analysis Proceedings of 9th International Symposium on Cable Dynamics, Shanghai, China English 2011 page: 281-286
5 Propose a new photo-sensor for Two-axis automatic solar tracking system to enhance the efficiency and reduce the cost of Photovoltaic Energy System based on microcontroller Proceedings of ITHERM Conference, USA English 2008  
6 Enhance the Efficiency of Photovoltaic module by using Two-axis Automatic Solar Tracking System based on microcontroller and a new photo-sensor Proceedings of  ENERTECH Conference, Greek English 2007  
7 Comparison of Technical Solutions of Solar Tracking System Proceedings of  5th International Symposium on Advanced Technology, Tainan, Taiwan . English 2006  
13. Certificates (If possible)
14. Application of scientific research works in reality (If possible)
15. List of project titles hosted for 5 years (If possible)
1. MOET project: Research on the failure of asphalt concrete pavement  in North Centre Coast of Vietnam (Vietnam, 2016-2017)
2. HUAF Research Project: Investigate the mechanical properties of macadam in Thua Thien Hue Prov. (2016)
3.Saitama Univ. Research Project: Failure of bunded-conductor long-span electrical transmission lines (Japan, 2012-2013)
4. Saitama Univ. Research Project: Health-monitoring of Prestressed concrete bridge (Shinkakinokisawa, Saitama Prefecture, Japan, 2012-2013).
16. Rewards (If possible)
Honor MEXT Award (2009)
JASSO Schoolarship (2013)
17. Other achievements (If possible)
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