Centre for Student Service & Business Cooperation

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Student services
Student services
  • Phone: +84(0)54 3538 032;
  • Email: pvsv-htdn@huaf.edu.vn
Student Service and Business Cooperation Center (SBC) - a part of Department of Students Affairs – was established on 9 April, 2015 consists of 04 official staff including 01 PhD candidate, 01 masters, 01 engineer and 01 bachelor.

The guidlines of SBC: Supply high quality products to students, lectures and others; Establishing relationships with national/international enterprises and organizations in holding programs and activities to supports students; promoting the university’s reputation; being a liaison among students, family, the university and the society.


2.1. Functions

- Giving advisory to the Party Executive Committee on field of student service.

- Finding and establishing relationships with national/international enterprises and organizations in holding programs for student services bringing benefits to all.

2.2. Missions

- Receiving information on science researching programs, which have high applicability and trading ability to all the students, lectures and staff of the unniversity.

- On behalf of the unniversity in marketing and trading HUAF’s traditional products with  students, lectures, staff and the society.

- Supply studying services (specialized degrees, soft technology,…), science researching, daily curricular.

- Establishing relationships with national/international enterprises and organizations in finding scholarship, promoting study encouragement funds, career opportunities and other training activies, including student services and support.

1. Manager MSc. Tran Vo Van May

Cell phone: 0914.215.925;  Email: tranvovanmay@huaf.edu.vn
To be in charge of general management: to be responsible for the functions, missions and assignments of the Center; making annual action plan of the Center; human resource management; managing the Center’s finance and property; communicating and dealing with partners and external organizations.
2. Vice Manager MSc. Nguyen Nam Quang

Cell phone: 0905.376.055;  Email: nguyennamquang@huaf.edu.vn
NNQ To be in charge of direct management: to be responsible for implementing the Center’s works; advising, consulting and supporting Manager; having responsibility for the works authorized by the Manager.
3. Officer BA. Tran Thi Quynh Tien

Cell phone: 0905.862.246;  Email: tranthiquynhtien@huaf.edu.vn
Tran Thi Quynh Tien edit
To be in charge of:

- Accounting and finacial tasks;

- Official documents;

- Manage the Center’s training classes.
3. Officer
Ing. Nguyen Thi Nhung

Cell phone:: 0979.666.306;  Email: nguyenthinhung@huaf.edu.vn
Nguyen Thi Nhung edit To be in charge of:

- Manage the Souvenir Shop;

- Sale and purchase record of the Souvenir Shop;

- Service for conference, meeting, … of the Center;

- Maketing;

- Other services: uniforms, flowers, ….

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Anh Thay An
                                                             Assc.Prof.Dr Le Van An- Rector of HUAF

We are always proud to offer our students best education, facilities and more than that we create the opportunities to lead our students themselves to success. HUAF is expanding and developing more and more in fields, such as: Agriculture, Forestry, Aquaculture, etc. We always attempt to complete our mission to contribute intellectual human resources to our country.

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