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Department of Student Affairs

Student affairs
Phone: +84(0)54 3538 032; Email: [email protected]

Department of Students Affairs, established since 2009 (after the separation of Division of Student and Academic Affairs), consists of 06 official staff including 01 PhD candidate, 03 masters, 01 engineer and 01 bachelor. Department of Students Affairs plays the essential role in dealing with students’ issues; liaising among students, family, the university and the society; understanding students’ desire in order to drive them to the right political ideology, and to guide them with learning and researching methods as well as future career after graduation.

With the strength of having young and dynamic staff, the Department appreciates being quick and effective in all students’ issues. The Department continuously updates its working process to ensure the effectiveness; clearly runs decentralization and assignment; updates policies and guidelines of the university, Hue University and the Ministry of Education & Training in order to guarantee the rights for students; searches and builds relationships with social organizations and national/international employers to create financial supports and employment opportunities for students.

All the staff shows the awareness of self researching and learning to improve professional knowledge and skills to meet the rapid change of the society in according with policies and guidelines of the Party and laws of the State./.

2. Functions and Missions of the Department of Student Affairs

2.1. Functions

Giving advisory to the Rector and the Party Executive Committee on ideological and political work as well as students affairs of the university;  contributing to the healthy educational environment; preparing students with fine personality and moral values via specific action programs; propagating the resolutions, policies and guidelines of the Party and the State to students.

Establishing relationships with national/international enterprises and organizations in holding programs and activities to supports students; promoting the university’s reputation; being a liaison among students, family, the university and the society.

2.2. Missions

- Making plan on students’ ideological and political work; understanding students’ desire to make report and propose timely solutions to the Party Executive Committee, The University Board of management and Hue University’s Student Affairs.

- Holding such events as: Citizen – Student Week, Student – Rector Dialogue, Extra Curricular… to educate ideological and political issues, to spread the university’s regulations and to prevent social evils;

- Managing students in Youth Union’s, Student Association’s and other organizations’ activities to create and maintain healthy educational environment;

- Detecting and fostering outstanding students to introduce to join the Party; reviewing students’ applications to the Party and celebrating Party Admission to students;

- Being permanent member of the university’ Admissions advisory board, implementing annual enrollment;

- Organizing admissions for formal students after the entrance examinations; complying and updating student handbook and integrated student card; dividing and managing classes via Academic Advisor and Class Monitor;

- Managing students on and off campus through issuing and confirming Students’ Residence books by term; managing students’ database and updating the university’s Educational management software. In cooperation with local authorities in managing students’ residence;

- Dealing with administration procedures and students’ affairs according to Student Service Procedure, ensuring the students’ rights and obligations. Appointing students to join the university’s, Hue university’s Student Affairs’ and other organizations’ activities;

- Being permanent member cum secretary of the university’s committees of: Commendation – Discipline, Moral Assessment, Scholarship… Being member of the university’s committees of: Examination Conditions, Input Recognition, Graduation;

- Supervising and propagating the implementation of the university’s regulations, tuition and other fees according to internal and external requirements;

- Making statistics and reports on the change in students’ number and education status by term to the university Board of management and Hue University’s Student Affairs; proposing timely solutions;

- Being liaison with students’ family to report students’ records and to manage students;

- Managing Student Service and Business Cooperation Center (SBC); building relationships with internal and external organizations to search for scholarships and to provide students with life and study necessities regarding academic certificates and employment opportunities;

- Being permanent member off alumni’s liaison committee, building relationship among students, family and the university to evaluate the output quality and propose solutions to enhance the university’s training quality;

- Being member of the university’s management board and representatives in students’ and society’s information exchange on social network and the university’s website.

3. Organizational structure and work division of the Department of Student Affairs

1. Head of Department MSc. Tran Vo Van May

Cell phone: 0914.215.925;  Email: [email protected]
TVVM To be in charge of general management: to be responsible for the functions, missions and assignments of the Department; making annual action plan of the Department; human resource management; managing the Department’s finance and property; students’ political and ideological issues; communicating and dealing with partners, parents and external organizations;
2. Vice Head of Department MSc. Nguyen Nam Quang

Cell phone: 0905.376.055;  Email: [email protected]
NNQ To be in charge of direct management: to be responsible for implementing the Department’s works; advising, consulting and supporting Head of Department; having responsibility for the works authorized by the Head of Department;
3. Officer MSc. Thai Doan Hung

Cell phone: 0983.116.241;  Email: [email protected]
TDH To be in charge of:

- Students’ political and ideological issues, students’ activities;

- Students’ commendation, reward and discipline;

- Students’ profiles and records;

- Students’ moral assessments; Scholarships;

- The Department’s Union;

- The Department’s fire protection, flood, secure.
4. Officer MSc. Doan Thi Phuong Thao

Cell phone: 0913.592.552;  Email: [email protected]
DTPT To be in charge of:

- Students’ database on Educational management software;

- Dealing with students’ needs;

- Students’ regulations and policies;

- The Department’s finance and woman affairs.
5. Officer Ing. Nguyen Thi Hien

Cell phone: 0918.365.163;  Email: [email protected]
NTH To be in charge of:

- Students’ residence records;

- Dealing with students’ needs;

- Students’ profiles and records.
6. Officer BA. Nguyen Thi Thuy An

Cell phone: 01222.505.547;  Email: [email protected]
NTTA To be in charge of:

- Official documents;

- Result returning; 

- External relations;

- The Department’s Portal.

4. Floor plans of the Department of Student Affairs

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